About Me

Moe Hirohara
I write stories about travels and people’s life

Born and raised in Japan. Studied societal health and medical anthropology at The University of Edinburgh.
For the past 10 years, I travelled around India, South East Asia, and Europe. Combining my knowledge and actions, my writings are often focusing on sociologic or anthropologic aspects of daily life around the world: culinary cultures, health, nourishment, and so on.


Past Works
「旅の賢人たちがつくった 女子ひとり海外旅行最強ナビ」 著者:山田静withひとり旅活性化委員会 辰巳出版 2018年発行

ganas – 途上国・国際協力に特化したNPOメディア
「ミャンマー女性にとって寺での修行は楽しい休暇? 家事を忘れてリフレッシュ」 2019年7月6日掲載

Published Research Papers
Determinants and supporting factors for rebuilding nursing workforce in a post-disaster setting , Published on BMC Health Services Research

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If you would like to inquire me about writing/translation work, please write me via contact form.
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